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Who is Primity?

New Release: Hangark

Title : Hangark
Artist: Primity
Release date: 25-2-2022
Label: Primity Records

Hangark is a distressing track, inspired by big empty spaces. Hangark is the scream for those who feel alone.

The Acid Suite e.p.

Title : The Acid Suite e.p.
Artist: Primity
Release date: 1-1-2022
Label: Primity Records

Tracklist :
1. Walk on plastic (4:51)
2. Rubbery Motor (4:37)
3. Plastic Fields (4:08)
4. Black Gum (5:08)

These 4 tracks are inspired by the gummy sound of TB303 running in a 90s videogame landscape.

The Amiga Era

Title : The Amiga Era
Artist: Primity
Release date: 15-11-2021
Label: Primity Records

Tracklist :
1. Wireframe (5:29)
2. Cubical Elements (5:08)

My new single is inspired to my Amiga 500, which was my first music computer.


Title : Tunnel
Artist: Primity
Release date: 25-10-2021
Album: Ruthless vol.1
Label: No Response Records

“I wrote Tunnel inspired by the huge Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash track. Tunnel is included in Ruthless vol.1 published by italian label No Response Records, and I’m proud to be on it.” – Primity

The Ice Peak

Title : The Ice Peak
Artist: Primity
Release date: 14-09-2021
Label: Primity Records

Tracklist :
1. Ice Peak (5:29)
2. Rotor (5:08)
3. Step Forward (4:10)

“This is my first single to celebrate 90s techno and hard trance. The purpose of this single is to recover those emotional sounds between early rave, techno and trance, and bringing them to present days.” – Primity


These are my playlists regularly updated. Here you can find the tunes that inspire my productions.


I am one of those lucky producers born in the 70s, grown in 80s and lived the 90s techno era.

In 1991 I started to collect techno vinyls and in 1993 I begun to produce techno music on an Amiga 500 computer.

In 1995 I released my first vinyl record on Luca “Digital Boy” Pretolesi’s D-Boy Records label. That record was followed by several hardcore and gabber singles as Ravemasters and Twistericals.

In 2001 I moved to more breakbeat musical territories, dedicating myself to Nu Skool Breaks productions and djing.

In 2010 I went back to hardcore productions and in 2020 I dedicate myself totally to hard and acid techno.

Now I make techno for those who love 90s rave, trance and acid sound.

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